Q: Do your LED luminous costumes are same as other factories’?

A: Of course not.

1) The LED strip we use, is not the common ones. It is our special customized patented product, each full color LED lamp is hand-welded. 

The strip is very soft, free bending, and long life, low failure rate.

2) Our Fiber optic costumes use surface light emitting optical fiber, full color LED lamp as light source. It is not only can change color, also can be programmed.

 (This technique has been patented).

Q: What's your LED luminous costumes & fiber Optic luminous costumes' control way?

A: Our luminous clothes have 3 control ways.

1) LED light costume dedicated Synchronous plug-in SD card controller.

2) 2.4G Wireless DMX512 transmitter / receiver.

3) RF remote controller.

You can choose one way according to your needs, or you can choose all of them. And our control techniques also have been patented.

But, if you use the costumes in the professional stage show or big event show, we don't recommended you choose remote control way. 

Q: Why?

A: The remote range of use is just 15 meter, open-sided place. And its signals are easy to be disturbed.

Q: What's your LED light costume dedicated Synchronous plug-in SD card controller & 2.4G Wireless DMX512 R/T advantages?

A: Our controller is special designed for our luminous costumes. It is small, lightweight, high synchronization rate, plug-in SD card. It can control each led lamp in the costumes, you can make any effects you want by the computer software, then store the file in the controller SD card. 

The 2.4G wireless DMX512 R/T also special designed for our luminous costumes. It is small, lightweight, but signal stability, in addition to RGB controls, also multi-channel controls. And it has 2ways, one is a direct connection the DMX512 console port. The other is connected to the PC port via computer software control.

Q: What kinds of batteries do you use, and how long do they last?

A: Our battery also special designed for our costumes, small, lightweight but high capacity (5000-10000MA/H), the output voltage is DC5V, rated power is 7A. 

The time is depends on the garments, the number of lights, light effects and the length of time that the outfit needs to be worn between battery changes or recharging.

Q: Are your LED luminous costumes DMX 512 control way is same as LED stage light's DMX512?

A: Yes! We use 2.4G DMX512 wireless sender /receiver signals, you can connect the wireless DMX512 R/T with the professional DMX512 console.

Q: Can I buy materials and parts from you and make this myself?

A: While we admire and encourage the DIY, but we are NOT offer technical guidance. Our methods are based on our more than 10 years extensive experience, and require a long list of specialized skills and tools. The performance and durability of the finished product not only have good materials, also will be highly dependent on the quality of work performed during garment assembly. Trust us, it’s much more difficult than it looks, and most of our techniques can't be explained in emails or phone calls. Due to the impractical level of technical support that would be required, so, usually we don't sell materials & semi-finished products. We're unable to provide free personalized help, but for people who already have some basic skills in electronics and/or sewing, we welcome to discuss learning.

Q: If I offer my own costumes (jacket/dress/hat/shoes etc...) can you add lights on them?  

A: Yes, we can, but you'd better offer us half-finished clothes. 

Q: Can you make something original, beyond what's shown on the website?

A: Yes, sure. We are not limited to the designs shown on website, and we enjoy creating variations on these themes as well as completely new designs. Please send whatever description you have, including sketches or pictures of your ideas (or the base garments), and any information on budget, schedule, and other special features that might be needed. We'll be happy to make suggestions.

Q: Are the luminous clothes comfortable?

A: Yes! Our light-up clothes use exclusive custom soft LED strip & fiber optic, totally hand-made, the fabrics is soft, comfortable, and breathable.

Q: Are luminous clothes safe to wear?

A: Yes! The costumes operate on low voltage DC5V, the human body safe voltage is 36V. As is the case with most consumer electronics, the most dangerous part is the battery. We recommend that you take common-sense precautions, such as not storing keys or coins near exposed battery contacts. And, we reject non-professionals modify our light-up clothes, improper modification will damage the clothes.

Q: If I order, how about the delivery time?

A: Delivery time will depend on a range of factors, such as the complexity of the design, the number of garments involved, and the workload that we are already committed to at the time, etc. Once a project is started, our own design models, delivery time is 7-10 working days. But new special design, usually need 10-15 working days. May several days more than we agreed on the invoice is normal for the uncertain matters during the production. And usually, we will cost 2-3 days aging test to ensure the quality.

Q: If the LED costumes or LED light optical fiber clothes dirty, can wash them in water? 

A: No, of course not. They can't be washed by water. You can use 70% alcohol spray & use soft cloth clean them.

Q: How to store the luminous clothes?

A: Best to hang in a ventilated, dry place, avoid the sun, away from the fire source and heat, cannot be stored together with the alkali material.

More questions, welcome to call or email us!

Q: What kind mirror your mirror costumes use ?

A: High quality arcylic mirror. 

It is looks like a real mirror but it is difficult enough to break or split it.

Q: Is the Mirror costumes safe?

A: We use an acrylic mirror and cut it with a laser. We make round edges, so you can't hurt yourself with this mirror.

Q: Why i choose your mirror costumes?

A: Those mirrors reflect light very well, that's  why these mirror act suits are suitable for any events. 

Mirror actors can work day and night, also they are excellent for photo session. 

You can use in your performance stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight. And, the costumes can use long time, no need special maintenance, but can help you create attractive show, event or party.