Mixed color mirror costume

When the silver mirrored costumes and the gold mirrored costumes became popular, the mixed-color mirrors also became the demand of some customers who are pursuing novelty. More and more people are looking for us to inquire about the color mirrors, and they are bright, and we must ensure the quality. After continuous exploration, I finally helped the client complete his wish.
When he started wearing a unique custom-made color mirror, he received a lot of attention. The event was very successful and the customer was quite satisfied because he really attracted the audience's attention.
The color mixing mirror set consists of a silver mirror, a gold mirror, a red mirror, a violet mirror, and a blue mirror. It can be mixed at will. Whether it's mirrored clothing, we also offer color mirror dresses, colorful mirrored rabbit helmets, mirror helmets and more.
We pay great attention to the quality of pre-sales and after-sales. We will make garment sizes according to customer requirements. All garments will be inspected rigorously after completion. Of course, we also provide a spare package to our customers. There is no doubt that what we have to do is to ensure that our customers get the perfect mirror performance.
If you want to order mirror costumes, mirror skirts, mirror masks, please contact us, we are the only company that can make mixed color mirror man costumes.