High quality, super cost-effective dual-purpose mirror Stilts walker performance costumes

High quality, super cost-effective dual-purpose mirror Stilts walker performance costumes.
The stiltswalking performance form is very popular abroad, and people always like very big, strong & tall performers.
Therefore, artists and performers are also very keen on stiltswalking performances. There are also a variety of stiltswalkers' performance costumes,
such as stiltswalker skirts, stiltswalker dress, stiltswalker trousers, stiltswalker clown costumes, LED stilts walker robots, and more. When the
mirror man performance is very hot, the need for mirrored stiltswalker costumes will follow. Because mirror costumes is heavier than ordinary performance costumes,
so we have to make a very long stiltswalker costume. We have been worried about whether it will be too heavy for the performers, the artists are very uncomfortable,
after repeated communication with the customers, and the designers. With the patience of the revision, we finally designed a mirror stiltswalker man costumes that can be used for both purposes,
and it will not affect the performance because it is not too heavy. As soon as this design came out, it immediately attracted many orders.
The customer is also very satisfied, giving us very real and sincere praise, we also make some times improvements according to the customer's problems in use,
it is very comfortable and beautiful. If you have an artist, event planner or performer with the same needs, please contact us to watch the video.
I believe that our products will make your performances, events and evenings even more amazing.

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